Pratunam Pier

Shi*ty river cruise

boat viwe

Fun adventure fast and cheap transportation on historical canal see the real bangkoker life

Sansab canal was build in 1837 to link Chaopraya river and Bangpakong for transport a weapon and camel to Vietnam During Thai-Vietnam war spend 14 years

But now……………… after 176 years it’s turned to be a dark stinky canal

The canal cut in the middle of Bangkok. It’s pretty hard to notice that there is a transportation there. Under a small bridge there might be a pier for Sansab Boat there

Click Here to see a link the Canal map

There are many touristic place that you can go by this shi*ty river

Hua Chang walking distance to Jim Thomson house, BACC , Siam square


Last stop

Phan Fa Lilat

Phan Fa Lilat Last stop very near old town walking distance to grand palace, Wat pho, City shrine, Democracy monument,Khaosarn RD  etc.

Pratunam interchange from Golden Mount Line to NIDA Line (I still don’t under stand why we have to change a boat) this Pier near a whole sale clothes and lots of shopping center




Pratunam Pier

Pratunam Pier


1:No skirt dress or height hill  on the boat it’s a real adventure

2:Pull the rope you don’t want shi*ty water get in to your face

3:Stay low try to sit if it possible the boat roof can bend down when it go under the bridge  depend on how deep the canal is.

4:Jump fast try to hop to a dock or in to the boat fast some time the boat not waiting for you

PullPull it

Price:10-20 bath you pay in the boat tell the boat guy where are you going you don’t have to buy a ticket again if you are going to change the line PS.If you can not get in to the staff you can pass your money to the people next to you to the staff

Opening: Weekdays Golden Mount Line 6:30-20:30    NIDA Line 5:30-19:45
Weekend and public holiday  Golden Mount Line 7:00-19:45 NIDA Line 6:00-18:30

 Something cute

Something scary

outdoor table make you feel like you have dinner in a garden

Soi Voodoo,Best Food by the coolest guy in BKK

Panorama of Soi Voodoo resturant

Soi Voodoo is our secret restaurant. It’s have the best home made food in BKK coolest atmosphere and the Best of Thai fustion food. This place is a bit hard to find but it’s very worth to try.

Soi Voodoo have not many table it more like a private kitchen with only 6-8 table. There is an out door area it make you feel like you having dinner in a garden. In side there is an air conditioning room with 2 table and on the back of that room there is a space for smoker to smoke.

Knot in his kichen.If you sit out door you'll sit by the kichen It's very nice to see every process how you dinner cooks by him.

Knot in his kitchen.If you sit out door you’ll sit by the kitchen It’s very nice to see every process how you dinner carefully cook by him.

Knot is the owner of this place,  Soi Voodoo is his house and his work place.He’s also a chef bartender Dj he is everything here. All the food are make carefully by him some of the food might take very long time if there many customer there becouse Knot is the only Chef there. Knot is a very friendly guy if there is not many customer there he will welcome you by him self. If you don’t know what to order you can ask him. If you want to know the song that playing you can ask him. Knot is one of the coolest guys we know.On Sunday his restaurant close he will be DJing at the restaurant call Salt in Ari.

There is a lot of food Fusion Thai food Soi Voodoo signature.We have no recommend on a food here because all of it are very nice. You can just close your eyes and point on the menu and it will turn to be a very delicious food anyway.There also magic mushroom in the menu but it’s just name it not real magic mushroom. After meal you can have a homemade ice cream. An ice cream is the only menu that doesn’t make by Knot it’s made by his family member.

How to get there
Soi Voodoo is a house so it’s very hard to find the easiest way to get there is by Taxi. The address is 107 Thanon Ranong 2, Thanon Nakhon Chai Si Dusit, Bangkok. To tell the taxi driver is “Soi-Ra-Nong-Song” It’s on the early of the soi near the railway next to the vintage apartment. Copy and paste to print this our for a taxi “ซอยระนอง2″

For reservation call, Knot:089-777-4451, 02-241-4021

Opening: Dinner time Mon-Sat


Tawandang: Brewery for everybody

Tawandang German brewery For us it’s a Thai brewery that try to be German. Tawandang German brewery is a restaurant, a play house and a brewery in the same place. !!!It’s a place for everybody!!!. Tawandang is a very popular restaurant for a Thai local people.

Restaurant: This place have Thai food and Western food. They both are very good but best thing about this place is they have an English menu. There is some menu that we want to recommend

  1. “Sauteed Cabbage in fish sauce” This will totally change your attitude about Cabbage. It’s the best Cabbage we ever try in our life. From outside it doesn’t look delicious but it is super good!!!
  2. “Tawandang Style of Sauteed Morning glory” Sauteed Morning glory here is a bit difference from other restaurant. They sliced the morning glory  in to a small line before they sauteed to make it tasted better.
  3. “Stream squid with chili in a lime juice” Big fat squid with a squid eggs in side herbal streamed and serve in a herbal soup hot pot.

Other Menu that this place recommend are good too but these 3 are the menu that you can’t miss!!!

Fongnam is a Thai fusion band playing almost everyday at Ramindra branch

Play house: The show here make this place unique and popular. They have all kind of show traditional,Thai country music,magic, acrobat,Thai pop music, western music or even a copy show,occasionally show.All the show are mix up here. The good things is you can find all the show in one night but too bad it all mix up. These show make this place popular because if you come in a big group you can find at least 1 show that each person like. It make this place everybody’s place.

Beer: Here they serve beer in a pint glass and tower. Tower is tube that on the middle of it is an ice surround with 3 litters of beer. Tower of beer is really worth and fun. We really recommend to try it’s fun and drunk.Tawandang Brewery have Lager,Dunkel and Wiezen beer, It’s all test ok for us.

How to get there: This place open 17:00pm-1:ooam.The best way to go there is by Taxi. Tawandang have 2 branches one is atUnder Ramindra highway and other one is Rama3. It’s better to call them first to avoid or go for an event there there number is 02-944-5131-2 for Under Ramindra highway branch and 02-6781114-6 for Rama3 branch.Map click here

Print out: copy paste this and print out for a taxi “โรงเบียร์เยอร์มันตะวันแดง สาขาเรียบทางด่วน”=Tawandang Brewery Under Ramindra highway “โรงเบียร์เยอร์มันตะวันแดง สาขาพระราม3″ Most of the taxi know this place very well so don’t worry.


More information: Click to go to their website.



Alan doing fortunetelling

Cyber punk fortuneteller

If you walk around JJ market you might find this guy and wonder what does this robot guy doing here. I wonder too so we design to go talk to him.

He was busy fortunetelling fro two lady. He told us to come back later in 15 min and gave us his name card. Alan KasinKaw is his name. On the name card it write on “Warranty 49% correct”  49!!!! we were a bit confuse. Only 49% that’s not even half. On his name card have a lot of text said he’s a gypsy,a moral fortuneteller and a lots of TV show and magazine that he was on. It’s such a weird big name card and the name card make we wants to talk to to him more. We came back 2 times but he still busy. The last time we went he’s about to finish we can wait there.

We start the conversation by asked him to foretell us the foretell was pretty long we not really remember anything from him after we done we ask him for an interview

How did you start doing this?

My home town is Rayong but at that time I was on a street in Chaingmai, homeless because I was very sad. One girl came to me and ask me to bless her for her job interview tomorrow. I told her don’t go you’ll get a better job. I didn’t know anything. I only felt like that and say what me feeling told me. she didn’t go for an interview. She came back to me a week later with lots of her friends. and that is the start of my fortunetelling life.

Why are you choosing this job?

I think this job can help people do good things. like if i said you are in a bad luck you have to do good thing to fix this and they will do because they scare bad luck and believe in me. Not only that I spend some of my income buy a eyes glasses and give it away for poor elderly in a countryside.(he showed his album to us)

About your costume why are you wearing this?

I’m a fortuneteller I work with future what should I ware? a old tradition cloth? that’s not cool. I’m waring  this because It match my job. I made this my self. Some material are junk some I bought it from a garage and put it together. some body rent my suit to do a show.

Want to meet Alan?: Alan will be at JJ market about 4-6 pm every Saturday and Sunday. He do fortunetelling for age over 20 only he said under 20 have nothing challenge on there life and that not fun to do. His fortunetelling cost  200bath and 300 bath if you call him to do a fortunetelling on a weekdays. He said he prefer an English or Thai speaker only for a foreigner customer. ***We putted Alan map on a gallery below so you can know how to find him in JJ market ***



BACC hall way

BACC, Arts is free

BACC= Bangkok art and cultural center

BACC combine many art art exhibition, auditorium hall and also a meeting place for all kind of art people.This place are not an art museum so an arts there keep change depend on who gonna booked this place at that time. If you want to know what is happening there go check on their web site

BACC is only provide a place for art they are not normally have their own exhibition.

For me I think BACC have a bad space management so it’s a bit hard to find all exhibition. At the main entrance there is no information you have to go to the entrance that connect with a sky train  and check on a board there. Most of a big exhibition on 7th-9th floor and no camera allow there aether. An in formation is on 5th floor you can leave your bag there they have a locker but you have to change a locker keys with you ID. On 5th floor also have an auditorium some show you have to pay for a ticket depend on an organizer. There is no food there but they have an ice cream shop and a cafe there.

BACC hall way

BACC locate in a middle of a city center shopping center areal  opposite to MBK shopping place for a tourist. Siam center, Siam Discovery, Siam squire(lot of local nice restaurant and cloth shop.We’ll  write later) ,Siam Paragon and Central world all of these are a shopping center. You can spend more than a day in this areal.

Opening time:10 a.m. – 9 p.m. (closed Mondays)

How to get there: The easiest way to go there is a BTS(sky train) it right next to National Stadium or by the bus number 15, 16, 21, 25, 29, 34, 36, 40, 47, 48, 50, 54, 73, 79, 93, 141, 159, 204, ปอ.501, ปอ.508 and ปอ.529